An Overview Of Bonsai Tree Tools

shutterstock_20162761Bonsai Shears – These are extra sharp cutting tools designed for trimming leaves, roots, and small branches.  They come in all different sizes for all types of jobs.  This is the most essential tool needed to prune and shape a bonsai.

Concave Cutters – Concave cutters are essential to pruning a bonsai without leaving dead wood.  With many trees, if you cut a branch with flat cutters or scissors, the remaining wood will die, leaving you with a nub.  You may end up with a large amount of nubs, or they may rot and leave you with bigger issues.  A concave cut will cause the tree to react and fill the gap, which will eventually look like nothing ever happened.

Bonsai Wire – Wire is used to hold branches in the desired position until they harden.  This allows you to train each branch into the perfect position.  These can be purchased in copper or aluminum depending on the strength you need.

Wire Cutter – Wire cutters are used to cut the wire off the tree.  It is not advised to try to unwind the wire from the tree, as this can lead to bent and broken braches, along with a loss of leaves.  It is common practice to use wire cutters to cut the wire off in small pieces.

Trunk Bender – This tool is used to bend the thick trunk of a tree.  This should be done slowly, bending a little at a time until you have the desired shape.  They are available in all sorts of sizes for different trunk sizes and desired widths.

Root Rake – The root rake is used to rake the roots of a bonsai when you are repotting.  This is helpful to get all of the roots untangled and straight from the trunk so you know which ones to cut.  Don’t be afraid to break some roots while using this rake or you will be at it for hours before you get them separated.

Root Hook – This is much like a root rake except it is a single hook that is used to begin separating the roots.  This tool will break less roots than the rake, so start out with this tool before moving on to the root rake.  This is also better for the large roots that the rake can’t handle very well.

Turn Table – A turn table is not a necessity for bonsai trainers, it just makes everything easier.  The turntable is used to rotate the tree while you are working on it.  This allows you to sit in one place and not have to keep rotating the tree as you do your work.

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